We want to give you a voice.

In a student body of almost 2,000 people, there is creativity everywhere. We have singers, actors, photographers, graphic designers
, poets, writers and so many other artists. We understand how difficult it is to be heard among so many trying to find their place as well.

We, at Melody, are that place. 

Blake High School's Melody Magazine's main goal is to give a voice. We want you to be heard; we want you to share your creativity; we want you to show your passion for what you love -- no matter what medium of art it is. 

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Melody Magazine

James Hubert Blake High School


Want to be a part of Melody Magazine? 

Just send your poems, short stories, scripts, speeches, artwork, photography, and any other means of art to
blakemelodymagazine@gmail.com with the title of your work and first/last name in the subject line. Any student of James Hubert Blake High School can submit. 

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